Eco Friendly Shoe SOURCE.

{March 24, 2009}   Luxury Eco Designers Sui Generis and Rachel Cassar

YES YOU CAN be eco and luxurious! Designers Beyond Skin Sui Generis shoes and Rachel Cassar are very adept at producing impeccable eco friendly designs that are sophisticated.

Although Rachel Cassar is not an eco shoe designer, she showed up on my radar as many eco designers do.  Rachel hails from Australia and has a passion for eco fashion.  Both of these designers maintain unwavering ethical production standards. Sui Generis uses vegetable materials and 90% of Rachel Cassar garments are from recycled materials.  Rachel’s eco couture designs are  simply beautiful and would definitely pair well with these Beyond Skin Sui Generis vegan sandals.

Sui Generis Odessa T-Strap-Vegan

Sui Generis Odessa T-Strap-Vegan

Rachel Cassar Collection

Rachel Cassar Collection

I love this quote from Rachel “The only way people are going to accept eco fashion is if they’re not sacrificing anything for it…” It certainly conveys the sentiment of those of us who are pursuing fashion consciousness.

My hope is once the plethora of eco fashion options are discovered, they will become the standard and not the alternative for all.


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